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SharePoint / Office 365 Equipment Tracking & Work Order Management


For any company, no matter how large or small, buying new equipment doesn’t end after the purchase. In fact, the list of obligations will have just begun which is why a SharePoint / Office 365 Equipment Tracking system can really pay off especially if you are already running Microsoft Office On-Premise or 365 Online.

First, though, what kind of equipment are we talking about? Depending on your industry, the list can be quite varied:

  • Heavy-duty Equipment: Vehicles, buildings, factory machinery, medical machines, boilers, air-conditioning units
  • Small-scale Equipment: Furniture, tools, office equipment, field sensors, laboratory devices, athletic supplies

All of these have unique requirements: some are non-mobile and must be maintained on-site, some are portable and usage may need to be monitored, while all likely require both preventive & ad-hoc maintenance. Of course each item also has its own financial history: costs, depreciation, procurement history, warranties, and so on.

Procurement and Asset Management Departments may have the best intentions, but keeping track of a myriad of equipment-related details requires a robust and comprehensive software solution.

Crow Canyon’s SharePoint & Office 365 Equipment Tracking

Crow Canyon’s SharePoint & Office 365 Equipment Tracking solution provides a holistic picture of exactly what’s going on with your equipment. Our intuitive dashboard interfaces convey critical snapshot data of your equipment so that you can quickly discern key information, such as a breakdown of your assets by category, by vendor, by status, by type, by department, and by location. Like all interfaces, what you see is 100% configurable and can be customized according to your own specifications.

Key features include:

  • Set up recurring maintenance schedules, track repairs, and seasonal activities
  • Filter related equipment by category, type, and age
  • Track detailed equipment information including location, owner, and deployment status
  • Access manuals, financial history, warranties, and link to customer service websites
  • Set alerts and notifications for maintenance and re-deployment
  • Manage vendors and supplier relationships.




Shows Equipment Details in SharePoint

Drilling-down on specific items reveals a wealth of detailed information, such as identification/serial/barcode numbers, type, category, current status, make, and model. The equipment’s history is also displayed, providing you with at-a-glance data about what’s been going on with your items.

A typical item history may display:

  • Check-in/out history
  • Item reservations by employees
  • Recent and upcoming maintenance tasks
  • All related contracts, warranties, service agreements, etc.
  • Financial data (e.g., original purchase, ongoing payments)


Additional sub-tabs in the SharePoint & Office 365 Equipment Tracking interface provide you with the option to drill down even further into specific aspects of the item. For example, Check In/Check Out sub-tab in the graphic below displays detailed historical data about who has used the item, when it was returned, when it will be returned, and who is ultimately responsible for the item.

Request Management in SharePoint: Taking it to the Next Level

Our Facilities Management work order system empowers your organization to take Equipment Tracking to the next level by adding a range of preventive maintenance features for your equipment management needs.

The solution, which integrates fully with the Equipment Tracking system, boosts your range of equipment management features by introducing the following functionality:

  • A fully-automated equipment request system: users can submit requests from a variety of sources, requests are automatically routed to recipients, and their progress is tracked from beginning to end
  • Proactively implement preventive maintenance processes by creating regular maintenance events. Service request tickets, alerts, and notifications can all be used to ensure that your equipment is regularly maintained
  • Auto-routing of tickets to responsible departments and/or individuals for assignment and fulfillment
  • Full approval and emergency notification features
  • Enact Continual Service Improvement processes with a full range of reporting & analytical capabilities
  • Easily identify overdue tickets, high priority statuses, or use other views to display time-sensitive content

Managing your company’s equipment is an ongoing process that requires a significant number of resources. As organizations grow it is easy to lose track of your assets, resulting in increased costs, mistakes, lost documents, and missed opportunities (e.g., expired warranties, lapsed service maintenance, and reactive policies). Proactively managing your equipment is critical to keeping down costs and boosting your bottom line. A comprehensive equipment tracking and service request management system can make all the difference in your company’s approach to asset management.

Want to learn more about how our solutions can help your company engage with your customers and/or users? Give us a call at 1-925-478-3110 or contact us by e-mail at

Crow Canyon Software has 18 years of experience assisting organizations in leveraging their existing infrastructure, rather than requiring new hardware & technologies. We specialize in building upon your collaboration platforms, such as SharePoint and Office 365, in order to give your Help Desk and Support Staff the tools they need to provide assistance without the need for additional infrastructure.


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