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Asset Journey Integration

Option to integrate with Conpago's resident engagement app.

Conpago and Asset Journey working together

The Conpago app runs on residents' mobile phones, giving them access to village information as well as the ability to create a maintenance request. Those maintenance requests are managed and fulfilled in Asset Journey with status shown to resident in the Conpago app.

provides a branded resident portal app along with an admin dashboard that powers resident engagement.

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delivers asset management and maintenance efficiency for retirement homes and aged care facilities.

Conpago's portal app gives operators an easy way to communicate with residents while also giving residents a way to enter maintenance requests that then flow into Asset Journey for resolution. Residents are kept informed of progress of the requests via the app.

Asset Journey manages maintenance requests with its own set of notification capabilities. The integration with the Conpago app adds the ability for residents to get notifications and updates within Conpago's app.

*Conpago is an optional integration at an additional cost and is not required to use Asset Journey.

Resident Self-Service

Resident creates maintenance request in Conpago app.

Task is Assigned

Task is created in Asset Journey, where it is tracked, managed, and resolved.

Task is linked to Asset

All work and costs are properly recorded in the Asset Register in Asset Journey.

Close the Loop

Real-time progress updates are provided back to resident via Conpago app until the request is resolved.

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Key Integration Features

Asset Journey provides the asset management capabilities. The Conpago app adds another way to communicate with residents.

With the power of these combined you can:

Integration Benefits

With the Conpago x Asset Journey integration you can:

Integration Benefits: Asset Journey on computer screen

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Move into the future of asset management today.

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