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Asset Management for Aged Care Operators

Aged Care operators must adhere to strict accreditation quality standards, specifically Standard 4, an Organisation’s Service Environment, such that all residents feel safe and comfortable in their environment.

Asset Journey makes it easy to manage Aged Care assets and meet the Quality Standards

Created by and for Aged Care Operators

Aged Care operators need to assess which assets they have and where they are located, as well as track resident feedback on assets. Maintenance and repairs must be completed in a timely manner and up-to-date records need to be kept for review by accreditors. Operators must plan for future assets and budget for replacement costs.

Aged Care Management: New Aged Care Quality Standards broken down

ASSET Journey provides all the features you need to be compliant and run a successful operation!

laptop computer that shows asset register on the screen


Create and maintain a comprehensive record of current and future assets. An import template aids in populating the database while additional tools, both on the desktop and in mobile, allow quick and easy updates.

person with large computer screen managing tasks for maintenance


Efficiently manage preventative and reactive maintenance, repairs, and replacement of assets, including estimated and actual costs. Assign to internal staff or external suppliers, track time spent and costs.

tablet with reporting graphs showing and three people's hands surrounding it


Robust reporting capabilities make it easy to generate the required reports and provide them to all interested groups. The reports provide operators with insights into better management of assets and effective use of resources.

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