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Comprehensive Asset Management Suite

Effortlessly manage and optimise assets in retirement living villages and aged care facilities with Asset Journey. From an easy-to-use Asset Register to automated Maintenance Tasks and Required Reports, ensure compliance and operational efficiency in one integrated solution.


Easy-to-use, easy-to-update Asset Register for retirement living villages and aged care facilities, including information about assets, their effective life, location, cost, usage, maintenance, repairs, etc. Easily add future assets.
BONUS: Include all assets in your organization, not just the ones required by legislation.


Asset Journey tracks the labour and cost of maintaining, repairing, and replacing assets. Includes easy assignment of tasks, recurring tasks, escalations, notifications, and more.
Automatically updates retirement village and aged care Asset Registers, keeping reports accurate for audits and resident review.


  • Asset Register
  • Maintenance Schedule (actual)
  • Maintenance Schedule (estimated)
  • 3-year reports for capital maintenance & expenditures
  • Custom reports as needed.
Easily generate the reports required by Retirement Villages Act and Aged Care Quality Standards.

Key Features of Asset Journey

Explore essential features for streamlined asset management. Asset Register, Maintenance Tasks, and Required Reports ensure efficiency and compliance in one comprehensive solution.

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Runs in Microsoft Office 365

Runs in your Microsoft 365 or our hosted Microsoft 365. Easy setup, single sign-on..

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Maintenance Schedule

Planned maintenance schedule, repair schedule and replacement schedule.

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Recurring Tasks

Set up and track recurring maintenance tasks and create schedules.

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Enjoy rich visual displays of your overall asset status, usage, and maintenance needs. Use built-in dashboards or create your own.

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Extensive Reports

Generate all required reports: Asset Register, Maintenance Schedule (Estimated Costs & Actual Costs), and Three-Year Report

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Device Friendly

View and update assets with a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Receive maintenance tasks and tickets on any device.

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Detailed Asset Information

Record and track detailed information about each asset, including location, owner, status and more.

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Built For Compliance

Built around the upcoming changes to legislation, taking all required information into account.

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Additional Features

Ability to group items, track proportion of shared items and set up maintenance work order tracking.

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Alerts and Notifications

Get alerts on asset maintenance, contract renewals, requests, issues and more.

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Upload Templates

Simplify and streamline the input of asset information with smart templates.

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Custom Integrations

We can help you build custom integrations with additional features and functionality.

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Resident Feedback Tracking

Track feedback from Residents to make sure all issues are responded to promptly.

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Test & Tag

Manage Test & Tag process to keep current on all required electrical testing.

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Supplier Compliance

Make sure all Suppliers have the necessary certifications in place.

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Easily Updated

Keep your asset management plan up to-to-date with in-built features to track maintenance and costs, analyse accumulated repair costs vs purchase cost, track remaining effective life for major items, and more.

Connect with your existing software

Seamlessly connect your existing platforms to create efficiencies and an outstanding customer experience.

Integration made easy

Asset Journey integrates with many software platforms including, Conpago and Lightyear. We have pre-existing integrations or can build custom ones to suit your needs.

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