Asset Journey

Asset Management
for Retirement Villages

Your Solution for Complete Compliance

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Retirement Village Operators

Asset Journey gives you what you need to manage your Assets and Maintenance Tasks to meet legislative requirements, stay compliant -- and run a more efficient operation!

Easily installed in your Microsoft 365 Tenant or hosted by us.


An Asset Register of the village’s major items of capital, including information about the effective life of items of capital.


A Maintenance Schedule of the village’s major items including tracking maintenance and repair of each asset.


Operators can prepare a Three-year Report for capital maintenance extracted from the asset management plan to inform expenditure for the annual budget.

All the features you need to be compliant and run a successful operation!

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Create and maintain a comprehensive record of current and future assets. An import template aids in populating the database while additional tools, both on the desktop and in mobile, allow quick and easy updates.

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Efficiently manage preventative and reactive maintenance, repairs, and replacement of assets, including estimated and actual costs. Assign to internal staff or external suppliers, track time spent and costs.

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Robust reporting capabilities make it easy to generate the required reports and provide them to all interested groups. The reports provide operators with insights into better management of assets and effective use of resources.

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