Required Reports

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Required Reports

Running Reports:


To run the required reports (for legislative purposes), please click “Required Reports” in the left hand navigation tabs -> Fill in the requested fields on the next page -> Click “Generate Report”. The report may take up to 15 seconds to generate and will then be downloaded to your downloads folder as an Excel file.


Information on each report:

Asset Register – An asset register of the Village’s capital items over $1,000

Maintenance Schedule Estimated – The 10 Year Asset Management Plan

Maintenance Schedule Actual

Three Year Reports – The Three Year Report is made up of 3 reports. Please note all 3 reports must be run as they all form part of the final 3 Year Report to be provided to residents.

o3 Year Report

o3 Year Report – Items with 1 year or less of Effective Life remaining

o3 Year Report – Items which have reached 90% repairs vs Purchase Cost