Conpago x Asset Journey Integration

Engage residents with our end-to-end asset management solution.

Resident Portal & Asset Management Together

ASSETjourney’s asset management capabilities PLUS Conpago’s resident interface and staff dashboard.

The result?

Superior service, faster resolutions, better asset maintenance -- and increased resident satisfaction!

Example of ASSETjourney on laptop

Move into true resident engagement with the combination of Conpago and Asset Journey.

Take advantage of end-to-end asset management with fully integrated maintenance requests and resident engagement.

Conpago provides digital resident management and engagement via its admin dashboard and branded resident portal app.

Asset Journey delivers asset management and maintenance efficiency for retirement homes and aged care facilities.

Now, operators can engage residents and family members with a friendly portal that integrates with the leading asset management program for retirement home and aged care providers.

Resident Self-Service

Resident creates maintenance request in Conpago app.

Task is Assigned

Task is created in Asset Journey, where it is tracked, managed, and resolved.

Task is linked to Asset

All work and costs are properly recorded in the Asset Register.

Close the Loop

Real-time progress updates are provided back to resident via Conpago app until the request is resolved. 

This integration is now available and can be “switched on” immediately for existing customers.

Key Integration Features

Asset Journey provides the asset management capabilities and Conpago, the resident interface. With the power of these combined you can:  

  • Allow residents to submit maintenance requests via an app  
  • Manage maintenance requests from a dashboard  
  • Communicate with customers around asset repairs and maintenance 
  • Share important documents with residents (eg manuals, guides or contracts) 
  • Proactively gather resident feedback on assets and communicate about asset selection    
  • Automatically log maintenance requests from residents against your assets – vital for audit reports and proactive asset management. 
Retirement Village asset management

Integration Benefits

With the Conpago x Asset Journey integration you can:  

  • Future proof your business  
  • Streamline your asset management  
  • Digitise manual or paper-based asset management processes 
  • Streamline reporting with one source of truth and reduce human error 
  • Meet your legislated asset management obligations. 

Get Started!

It’s easy to get started – simply get in touch to learn how this solution could work for you and your residents. It’s free for existing Asset Journey customers, and can easily be implemented for any new retirement living providers coming on board.  

Move into the future of asset management today.